Are you a Contact lens wearer?  If so, you, like many other contact lens wearers, might have developed some bad habits over the years. Here are a few bad habits that can put your eyes at risk for infection: Topping off your lens solution. Sleeping in your lenses. Swimming in your contact lenses. Not washing
Light is composed of both visible and invisible rays.  This is called the electromagnetic spectrum. We’re all aware of the harmful effects of the invisible range like Ultraviolet light.  But did you know that visible light can have negative side effects as well? Visible light is comprised of different colours of differing intensities.  These are

children and sun exposure

Children’s risk Associated with Sun Exposure With spring fast approaching and the weather getting warmer again, most parents will begin outdoor activities with their children. It is important to remember that ultraviolet radiation can have adverse effects on ocular health as well. Here are some tips on how to protect your kids against the harmful
There is more to an eye exam than just vision correction.  During a comprehensive eye exam, your Optometrist will not only assess the health of your eyes, but they will also assess your overall systemic health. Here are some health problems that could be detected during an eye exam: Diabetes— Diabetes affects the small capillaries