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Contact lenses are not just another form of vision correction, they are also a medical device. It is very important that a contact lens fits well to ensure long lasting comfort and crisp, clear vision.

At Romin Optical we love contact lenses and contact lens wearers; no matter the prescription we are here to help you. If you have a strong prescription, or a corneal abnormality we are the place to come to for your vision needs.
With increasing technology almost any person can wear contact lenses.

Have allergies? daily contact lenses are a great option for you.

Don’t want to wear lenses during the day? Orthokeratology lenses are a perfect way to correct your vision while you sleep.

Having issues reading? Reading glasses are a thing of the past. Multifocal lenses come in such a wide variety of prescriptions and modalities you can get rid of those silly readers.

A contact lens fit is $65.  If you're under 18, please bring along a parent or guardian. We accept and direct bill most major insurance plans.